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72 Hour water supplies for the prepper
A three day supply of water per person.

5 gallons for 5 days - reserve
2 ½ gallons 5 days – hygiene and cooking
1 case bottled water for 6 days - drinking

Prepared Times Magazine went to disasters all over the world and asked people what was really needed as compare to what was recommended. FEMA and Red Cross recommend one gallon of water per person per day and they recommend everyone have a 3 day supply. This recommendation fell way short of what is really needed.
After every disaster you always see the huge lines for a limited amount of water. FEMA, Red Cross and the National Guard usually limit the amount of water you can get to 1 or 2 gallons per person per day. This is why you see the same people in line every day.
One of the big mistakes in the lines for water is the containers they use. Containers that have not been sanitized or sterilized are more than common. People are quick to point out if they had the water to wash or clean the containers they wouldn’t need to be in line for water.
Most people that do not store any water for emergencies usually have soda and juices and panic thinking seem to think that they need water. Despite popular belief you can drink soda for a week without drinking any water. 2 sodas a day 12oz x 2 has enough water in it to maintain life. Orange, grape and cream sodas are great for temporary water substitutes.
More than likely the power is going to be out in an emergency. Refrigerated products have about a 4 hour shelf life and frozen products have about 9 hours. Before you start drinking your water, juices and sodas drink your dairy products first. You can always pack your refrigerator with ice bags to extend the shelf life of items.